Petition: Day 514 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Abuses Wife's Human Rights


In Canada, can someone seize control of a disabled person and literally lock them up in a house and ignore all rights of that disabled person?

Apparently, so -- Just ask Horace Carby-Samuels

In February 2016, Ottawa police officers arrived at his home at 30 Jarlan Terrace, in Kanata, Ontario to enforce a court Order issued by Justice Patrick Smith on 11 February 2016.

Dezrin, his wife, having been abused and neglected by Horace since later April 2015, was no longer able to write, talk or walk.

Horace is a violent man.  Just a couple years before, he held a kitchen knife to his son's stomach and his son grabbing it to save his own life ended up almost severing one of his fingers off, which sent Raymond in an ambulance for emergency reconstructive surgery. 

When Horace opened his door at his Kanata home to these police that has been also co-owned by Dezrin, his wife, guess what Horace did?

Horace, simply told the police to basically "f-uck off" - "NO", and neither the police nor Raymond, Dezrin's son, would be allowed to see how abused and neglected Dezrin was.

Police states that they did not have the authority to force themselves onto his 'property' without any signs of imminent danger and with the ability to speak or run to the door, Dezrin has continued to remain his de facto prisoner.

If anyone sees Horace, you might wish to ask him, what right does he have to treat Dezrin this way?

Watch the above video of what happened when police arrived at 30 Jarlan Terrace.

So, you see, in Canada, it is apparently possible to take disabled people hostage and force them into a life of abuse, neglect and overall torture.

We, at The Canadian, hope that Canadians will rally to support Dezrin from being subject to the oppression of her human rights for 514 days and counting!

Do you agree that Dezrin has been living a Hell?  Help support her civil and human rights not to be controlled by an abuser.

Support an online petition against her abusive husband.

Or, make a donation here -

Look at the above video to see Raymond being blocked from seeing his Mom having received a court Order on 11 February 2016.

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