Petition: Day 512 -- Abusive Husband Holds Ottawa Woman Hostage


Today, November 8th marks the 512th day that Dezrin Carby-Samuels has been held hostage by Horace her husband. Dezrin had written a note back in Spring 2015 that she was being abused. When the Ottawa Police visited her place of residence on 30 Jarlan Terrace, they imply ignored her note, You might ask why? Horace apparently coordinated the ignoring of evidence by a dirty copy working within the police whose name is  Detective Robert Griffin Jr. Thanks to Horace and this dirty cop, Dezrin has not been able to see Raymond, her own son, and other people.

Horace, who is an ex federal civil servant, has been blocking visitation access that Dezrin has sought since 12 June 2015. Thanks to the abuse that Dezrin has suffered, she is no longer able to walk, write or talk. When Raymond was taking care of his Mom up until the end of April 2015, Dezrin was an able bodied woman who sought to protect his Mom from Horace's abuse. But back in April, Horace co-ordinated a lie with Robert Griffin that Raymond “suffers from a mental illness” and a basis of evicting him from taking care of his Mom.

Without the protection of Raymond, Dezrin suffered abuse and neglect from her husband that has continued now for 512 days! Horace even ignored Justice Patrick's Smith's Order dated 11 February 2016 which demanded that Horace enable access. Horace hired John Summers who then hired a corrupt Judge name Justice P. E. Roger to reverse Justice Patrick's Simth's original order.

Justice P E. Roger ignored all evidence of abuse inflicted by Horace and then fined Raymond $1500.00 for having sought access to seeing his own Mom that his Mom had been requesting since Spring 2015!

The above video was taken at 30 Jarlan Terrace in Kanata, Ontario with the consent of the Ottawa Police officers who arrived there to enforce Justice Patrick Smith's Order.  You will see Horace barely opening his door to these police officers who were refused access to seeing Dezrin. 

The police officers could not enter the premise unless they could ascertain immediate danger.  Unfortunately, Dezrin having been abused and neglected for months had lost the ability to walk, talk or writ.  So, when she heard police, it would have been literally impossible for her to either cry out to them or run to the door.

Dezrin has become a prisoner in her own home.  Across Canada including provincial jurisdictions like British Columbia, blocked visitation access of the elderly consitutes abuse.

In this article, we, at The Canadian, have posted a photo of what Dezrin looked like when Raymond had been looking after his Mom, and what she looked liked within a few weeks of being subjected to abuse and neglect thanks to the macabre activities of Horace Carby-Samuels and his operatives.

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