Toronto Mount Sinai's Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Activities Linked to OHIP Scam

For some years now, the Toronto Star has been doing all that it can to fish out doctors who have been overcharging the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).  When the story was first published in the Star, a lot of critics claimed it was totally cooked up and simply had no substance of truth in it then. Fast forward to the incidence involving Dr Jerry Tenenbaum and majority of his patients, notably Dezrin Carby-Samuels and one will be made aware of how wrong those critics were. In the report, certain doctors were found to use over billing Ontario taxpayers as a way of scamming their unsuspecting patients.

In an era where there are so many ills facing society and working just to get the pillars holding our societies destroyed, no one would have ever thought of doctors also being a part of this destructive force. However, that is the sad truth on the ground and the earlier society faces these demons, the better it will be for humankind. With some doctors charging taxpayers between US$2 million and US$7 million per annum, one can see the damage that is being done to the fiscal health of the Canadian public healthcare system. These are people who have been tasked with helping to keep Canadians healthy and in sound mind and also are under oath. However, some of these medical practitioners appears to have simply chosen to go down the road of corruption and love for money to the extent of scamming people who are in need of help, and also taxpayers who support our public health insurance system.

A close look at how these doctors operate as according to the Toronto Star’s report simply points to the sad truth that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum could be among the list of doctors scamming patients for their selfish gains. Among all the schemes used by these doctors, over billing of patients and asking these patients to needlessly undergo expensive lab tests were found to be the most used methods. From this, it can be clearly seen that what transpired between Dr Jerry Tenenbaum and Dezrin Carby-Samuels was not just a one-off thing but rather a calculated attempt to scam the poor old lady. Dezrin was made to go through expensive tests that were never used in supporting ameliorative treatment. In the end Dr Jerry Tenenbaum simply prescribed bottles and bottles of Tylenol Arthritis for her which never helped her in any way –  and appears to have done damage.With certain doctors go the extra mile to manipulate the system in order to scam patients, government and taxpayers alike, it is about time something is done in order to redress the situation.

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