Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Scams Patients through Fee-For-Service Claims

When Bonnie Lysyk stated in her report in the Toronto Star that certain medical practitioners were simply abusing the fee-for-service claims, there were people who decided to run such findings down. Various reasons were given as to why certain doctors were found to be earning huge annual incomes including the fact that the billing systems were a bit complicated and as such things are not always as they appear at first look. Bonnie Lysyk’s analysis report has however, thrown more light on the issue of doctors scamming their patients. It therefore clearly makes sense now when one goes back on the numerous negative reviews that were posted about Dr Jerry Tenenbaum. Some of his patients claimed that he always overbooked his patients and therefore had very little time to interact with them whilst another disgruntled patient also claimed that he was always in a rush to get patients out of his consulting room. In looking at how the fee-for-service, one will find out that specialist doctors tend to always benefit immensely due to the fact that they just keep on overbooking patients and asking them to undergo test that are never used. It all depends on the total number of patients that a doctor is able to attend to at a particular period in time which goes to prove why Dr Tenenbaum kept overbooking his patients.

The report by Bonnie Lysyk further shows that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s rude and arrogant behaviour towards his patients was all just a calculated attempt to scam them and in order to overcharge the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. In order to get maximum billings, Dr Tenenbaum had to always make sure he is able to attend to a lot of people in a day and as a result he had to employ that rude and arrogant attitude just to get rid of patients from his consulting room for others to come in.

However, Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s practices should never be taken lightly as it has also brought upon a whole lot of problems on most of his patients. Right now, one of his patient’s by name Dezrin Carby-Samuels is bedridden and almost turned into a vegetable. This and many others are the long term effects that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s desire to scam his patients is leaving on the entire populace. The sooner this unfortunate practice is properly handled, the better it will be for all Canadian citizens.

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