Dr Jerry Tenenbaum Breaches Medical Ethics Consistent With Malpractice

In a society where doctors are revered and held in high esteem, it remains to be seen as to what apparently went wrong for Dr Jerry Tenenbaum. This is a doctor who has received many complaints when it comes to executing his medical duties to patients. He has been described as being less than empathetic when it comes to his handing of patients and their health conditions.

For over two years now, Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has also gone ahead to worsen his plight by subjecting an elderly woman to highly questionable treatment. For a relatively healthy woman to needlessly totally lose her ability to speak, walk or write within weeks speaks volumes about the kind of apparent professional breach of the duty of care that's going on at Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s consulting room. This is a doctor who blatantly refused to make use of Dezrin’s previous medical records and rather went ahead to prescribe drugs including bottles and bottlesof Tylenol Arthritis that led to her condition go from bad to worse.

Dezrin should have been prescribed a rigorous diet of brain foods including amino acids and this treatment regime should have been supervised by a doctor in Ottawa when Dezrin resides.  Instead., Dr Tenenbaum remotely maintained his status of "primary care physician" to quote Marcella Carby-Samuels, his daugher-in-law, while he commuted between Toronto and Victoria.  Dr. Tenenbaum's apparent medical malpractice therefore includes his maintenance of this status as primary care physician from Toronto and Victoria when he was in no position to provide the kind of weekly medical supervision that Dezrin required to properly maintain her health.  Dr. Tenenbaum apparently sought to remotely extract medical data for his clinical research in Toronto, and did not provide the kind of in-person and on-going face to face consultation that a doctor would use to redress the appearance of a patient's declining health.

After undergoing treatment at the hands of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum, Dezrin Carby-Samuels who previously had no record of high blood pressure became saddled with chronic high blood pressure as a result of Dr. Tenenbaum's macabre activities. This condition appears to have stemmed from the fact that a lot of nasal sprays were prescribed for Dezrin even though her previous medical records clearly stated that she was allergic to any kind of nasal spray.

 Dr. Tenenbaum's behaviour symbolizes the apparent disregard that certain medical practitioners do have for the lives of their patients.

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