Dr Jerry Tenenbaum: Petition to Unite Abused Mother with Son

There have always been people predicting the end of the world for over thousands of years. Such predictions were fuelled by certain human actions. However, there hasn’t been a time when it appears that the world is really coming to end and that humans have also lost the ability to be humane. An instance that has shocked a lot of people in Canada and all over the world is that of a daughter, Marcella, teaming up with her father and father-in-law to gradually abuse her own mother. There has always been the tendency for people to lose their sanity once in a while but when it goes on for a sustained period of time then something has to be done and done quickly. Dezrin Carby-Samuels has been at the receiving end of various unthinkable abuses from her own husband, daughter and surprising the father-in-law of her own daughter and some police officers. The extent to which this woman has had to endure this abuse is just unimaginable including the use of a police officer to prevent Dezrin from seeing her own son, Raymond.

It is quite amazing to find out that there are people who have simply decided to turn a blind eye to all the sufferings that Dezrin has had to endure. However, as well-meaning individuals it is a bit strange to sit and watch whilst such an evil act is being committed. Dezrin has now been rendered immobile and unable to even speak or write after being separated from her son and forced to take the drugs prescribe by Dr Jerry Tenenbaum. This is a doctor who has been given various negative ratings by his previous patients as having no sympathy and also being rude. This really proves that there is an ulterior motive by Marcella, her father-in-law and Horace, her father to glaringly abuse Dezrin.

How can good people sit and watch a poor old woman suffer such abuse? It is for this reason that all the good people of Canada and everywhere are being asked to be part of the ongoing online petition aimed at helping to reunite Dezrin with her son, Raymond.

Sign petition here - https://www.change.org/p/gary-newton-sinaihealthsystem-ca-demand-that-dr-jerry-tenenbaum-having-crippled-dezrin-re-enable-her-to-access-to-her-son?recruiter=616564598&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

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