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Are you someone who is always sickened when the rights of others are trampled upon intentionally? Do you wish to be a part of a group of concerned individuals helping an old lady to fight for her right to live? Well, this is the time for you to put that dream of yours into motion. Join the group of people who are signing an online petition in order to help a sick old woman from being further abused by her so-called primary healthcare giver.

The woman, Dezrin Carby-Samuels, has been at the receiving end of one of the most inhumane treatments that can ever be dished out to a living human being from the father-in-law of her own daughter. The sad aspect of it all is the fact that her own daughter and husband are the brains behind her deteriorating health at the hands of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum. One would have thought that all medical practitioners are governed by a set of rules and regulations that outline how these doctors should operate including not becoming the primary healthcare giver of his or her relatives. However, Dr Jerry Tenenbaum blatantly and knowingly abused this rule the moment he opted to become the primary healthcare giver of Dezrin. By so doing, he directly became an active part of those oppressing Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

At a point in time when social activists all over the world are agitating for better living conditions for all people especially the aged, it comes as a stab in the back to find out that well educated people within the society like Dr Jerry Tenenbaum and Marcella Carby-Samuels are the brains behind Dezrin’s inability to now speak, write or even walk. This is a very serious issue and such treatment should never ever be wished on one’s sworn enemies. Your guess is therefore as good as mine as to why a daughter and her own father will join forces with Dr Jerry Tenenbaum in order to slowly render Dezrin useless.

In order to help put a stop to what Dezrin is being subjected to, you are being entreated to be part of the online petition that seeks to restrain Dr Jerry Tenenbaum from further causing more harm to Dezrin.

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