Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre Lies Against Sick, Disabled and Elderly Client


Scenario: an elderly, disabled woman is denied access to her son who wants to care for her. She is denied access to proper care. She is neglected and is verbally and physically abused. The authorities refuse to do anything about it.

Where is this happening? In some distant, uncivilized country? No! It’s happening right here in Ottawa, Canada, and it’s happening as you read this!

What can you do? Well, you can shake your head and walk away as so many others have – or you can do something about it!

This elderly lady is a real person living in Ottawa right now, and she needs strong legal representation in order to secure her rights:

  • The right to freedom of association (she may see her son if she chooses)

  • The right to dignity (proper care for her personal needs)

  • The right to live in peace rather than fear of an ‘unstoppable’ abuser.

The authorities won’t lift a finger to help her. A heartrending written report of abuse in her own handwriting has been treated as an ‘exaggeration’. Social services have denied her access to a lawyer. She can’t walk away because she is disabled. She can’t phone for help because her neglect has caused a deterioration in her condition to the point where she cannot speak.

Here’s how you can help: simply make a small donation towards the fund created in order to get her legal assistance. That’s it! If we, as a community can raise sufficient funds, we can still hope to see justice done. We can also draw attention to the fact that women, the disabled and elderly people, are still suffering from abuse in our supposedly progressive society. And in so doing, we can hope to see some effort directed towards reform. Who knows? In a few years’ time, this might be you!

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