Horace Carby-Samuels and John Summers: Lies, Deception and Crimes Against Humanity

Petition: Ottawa's Bell Baker's John Summers Spreads Lies, Enforces Abuse – A Crime Against Motherhood

Is Bell Baker's John Summers just a cog of another corrupt law firm of many that prostitute themselves to the highest bidder regardless of ethics and human decency?  Or, is John Summers part of a “Deep Conspiracy” of a vast chain of command which includes dirty cops, lawyers and judges? 

What is apparent is that Bell Baker's Mr Summers has prepared a fraudulent affidavit and has perpetrated abuse of court procedure and other techniques of deception that has been responsible for an elderly woman no longer being able to talk, walk and write in Ottawa. 

This Bell Baker lawyer has used those lies to deny her very son the ability to see his own Mom, and the ability of a battered and neglected Mom to see her own son.

John Summers has not only violated ethical standards that governs lawyers in the Province of Ontario; but has also violated our very principles of decency as human beings.

John Summers' client who began abusing this poor elderly woman used to be a 'normal' human being until he began dabbling in demonic rituals.  He then began to rant about aliens visiting him in his dreams and the “extraterrestrial threat”.  His personality began to change.  He become violent. 

It was then that John Summers mysteriously came out of the woodwork to reveal a network and fraternity of apparent “fifth column” operatives whose allegiances appear to be anything but human – reminiscent of John Carpenter's film “They Live” and other such spectacles of that genre.

John Summers shows us all, that a member of the legal profession in Ottawa is prepared to not only deny social justice to others but is also prepared to use lies to support a Crime Against Humanity

We, as human beings declare our commitment to empathy, social justice, freedoms and the due process of law which entitles a law abiding son and a law abiding mother to be able to see each other

We united against the actions of an aggressive abuser who has been responsible for assault, treachery and lies that have been embellished by Bell Baker's John Summers.

In so doing, we, as humans beings, declare our sovereignty on our Planet Earth from whatever force that's alien to our very humanity that propels John Summers and his network of co-conspirators to deny the inviolable right of a law-abiding Mother and son to see each other of their own volition.

We call on our fellow human beings who support the rights of other human beings including that of a Mother and son who have not seen each other for nearly two years to not only economically boycott doing business with John Summers but also Bell Baker in general.

We plea with all people who love their Mothers and who deplore the unethical and treacherous actions of John Summers to spread this message of an economic boycott; and our collective desire for the Law Society of Upper Canada to disbar John Summers for his role in a macabre scheme.

Below you will find some of the erroneous representation and hot air that John Summers is using to undermine the very institution of Motherhood that we, as humans value and cherish.  “Entities” like Bell Baker's John Summers demonstration of such a profound lack of empathy and morality is a representation of the very apparent self-serving ego that commits social injustice across our planet Earth; and a path of environmental destruction against the biosphere that we depend on four survival.

This Bell Baker lawyer epitomizes the very lack of morality to decency and human values that threatens us all, and that implores us to rally against in defence of our Human Sovereignty.


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