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Are you interested in the illumination of an apparent regressive alien presence on Earth?  This alien presence has apparently affected human social relations specifically and, in general, has worsened systematized global problems.

Imagine, you living abroadin Sweden, and having a Mother who is disabled and needs vital caretoward recovery; then you block your brother who lives locally fromproviding that assistance; then you block your Mother's desires tocontinue to see her son; then you neglect your Mother to the pointthat her personal hygiene needs are not being met; and then you blockneighbours and others providing assistance?Imagine also that youget a doctor that has been reported to be incompetent by numerouspatients for your Mom and this Doctor presides over the decline ofyour Mom's health.  At the same time,  imagine that you forcibly intervene to get your Mom awayfrom another doctor.  Consider that the doctor who had been obtained by your brother that you forcibly intervened to stop helping your Mom had been achieving greatresults toward your Mom's recovery.

Furthermore, imagine thatyou use the police to create falsified reports against your brother,and that these reports were designed to ensure that the Mom whocontinues to decline in health can never obtain the help andassistance of her son ever again, so that you can also take control of your parent's will.You have now glimpsed into a mindalien to the essence of who we are as humans.

In the book entitled, Unimaginable Evil: TheUnauthorized Biographies of Marcella Carby-Samuels and HoraceCarby-Samuels, ISBN978-1-927538-04-3, as readers, we get a glimpse into a mindthat is consistent with a reported manipulative and regressive alienpresence on Earth -- book cover attached with article.

This book documents howthe condition of a selfless and hardworking Mom's was made worse bythe activities of Marcella Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels,and how those activities were consistent with manipulative andregressive alien intrusion that had been documented by ancient PaganGnostics as the “Archons” pursuant to critical investigativeresearch by John Lash.This includes his website

Raymond Samuels II's isthe herein described son. In this newly published book, RaymondSamuels II further illuminates the insights of Dr. Michael Salla,David Icke and other researchers who have written on alien activityon Earth.Raymond Samuels II has written numerous investigativearticles and reports about UFO and apparent alien activities on Earthas a Freelancer with

He is a member of theUniversity of Toronto community and is the author of diverse bookwhich include National Identity in Canada and CosmopolitanCommunity that was his first book.This book had been featuredin the New York Review of Books.He is the author of otherbooks which include Canadian Constitutional Development Since 1535Parts I and II and Toward a Native-Canadian Equal RightsAmendment. Raymond Samuels IIhas also taught law at the college/ university level.

Through this book,alongside the research and testimony of countless eyewitnessaccounts, it is becoming apparent that manipulative and regressivealiens are using WILLING human “hosts” to target the mostvulnerable members of society and to otherwise enforce oppressiveconditions on Earth. Raymond Samuels II's ailing Mom appears tohave been the latest target of sadistic alien ventures on Earth.  Regressive aliens target humans self-consumed by ambition, and then use the ego of these humans to turn them against other humans -- classic "divide, rule, and conquer".   Humans like Marcella Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels are convinced by alien minds that they will achieve success or power if they are willing to sacrifice others.

Dr. Micheal Salla refersto the phonomenon of aliens taking hold of human minds as “shapeshifting”.

Willing human hosts foraliens seem to be pursuing sadism in behalf of a regressive alienconsciousnesses. The alien side of these humans reportedly feeds-off sadism which corresponds to the sadistic venture that has been aimed at Dezrin - Marcella's Mom.  The "human side" that is left craves the promise of success and power.  Eventually, the alien side assimilates the human side.  The human continues to have the physical appearance of a human but has a psychopathic psychological profile that is alien that tries to conceal their essential alien identity through an "artificial intelligence matrix" that attempts to mimic human tendencies in public polices when expedient.  Ancient Pagan Gnostics described these people as the "humanized face of the aliens".

Whereas the essence of the human consciousness isempathy, this alien mind appears to be seeking to exploit humanemotional energy to pursue quite the opposite.

Could the mother of theauthor that is lovingly described in the book UnimaginableEvil: The Unauthorized Biographies of Marcella Carby-Samuels andHorace Carby-Samuels be the latest human to have beensubjugated by historically documented 'Archons' acting through hersupposed “daughter”: Marcella Carby-Samuels and her “husband”:Horace Carby-Samuels?

The author recalls howHorace Carby-Samuels, his father, had mentioned multiple times havinga “Near Death Experience” in which he was then contacted byaliens in a dream state.These aliens urged him to perform a“mission” for them, and how these aliens appeared to have becomean increasingly dominant part of his “psychological matrix”. 

Raymond Samuels II futherrecalls how he warned his father from having further contact withthese aliens through his dream states ad that these aliens seems tobe engaged in pursuing an ego-driven and self-serving courseconsistent with “Archons”.

Notably, witnesses described in the book apparently commented that they saw Horace ranting about 'demons'.

The author further recallshow his sister Marcella Carby-Samuels began to correspondingly showsigns of “alien piloting” and how she began to control her fatheras if her father was under a “spell” alongside other “entities”.

As Michael Salla pointsout, systematized global problems are apparently being enforced by anapparent manipulative and regressive alien presence, andhuman-appearing hosts are the apparent means to infiltrate humaninstitutions and then to use these operatives to ensure deterioratingconditions.

The Archons documented byJohn Lash seem to be using human-appearing hosts to exploit andenforce sadistic ventures.  These regressive aliens then seem to be parasitizing the ensuingoppressive social conditions which include the despondence, sorrow,pain, despair and suffering of its human victims. These same human-appearingaliens have apparently infiltrated the mass media much like the alien characters depicted in John Carpenter's Film 'They Live' (1988) (above featured video), and also educational institutions.  These aliens apparently seek  toenforce ignorance of the regressive alien exploitation of humans that Internet users have sought to challenge through “alternative media”which comprise of numerous alien awareness and other news blogs.

It appears that Marcella Carby-Samuels made the ultimate "sacrifice" -- her Mom --  as she pursues involvements with socially progressive causes while as being a doctorial studies in a highly progressive academic programme.  It appears Marcella exemplifies the 'Archons' described by John Lash in -- infiltrating the most progressive of organizations while engaged in practices that are arguably anything but socially progresive.  

John Lash documents that the ancient Pagan Gnostics described the 'Archons was "stealers of human souls" who as 'masters of deception' that seek to threaten human sovereignty. In Chapter 2, the book documents how Marcella has participated in the forcible confinement of her Mom.  Having blocked Raymond and his Mom from seeing each other, Marcella left her Mom to be looked after by an abusive husband confirmed by a tearful note that had been written by the Mom. From mid-April to 12 June 2015 Raymond was barred by Marcella and Horace from seeing Dezrin -- the Mom.  Marcella and Horace barred the son from entering the parents home under a contrived police threat of "trespassing" on "private property".

Thanks to Marcella and Horace who had the habit of not feeding his wife, Dezrin lost the ability to walk on her own and speak.  When Raymond after a long legal battle was able to secure one meeting with his Mom alongside protests by Horace and Marcella, Raymond was shocked at how his Mom had now looked.  The author writes in his book that he had cried uncontrollably for three consecutive days,  Raymond has never seen his Mom since, thanks to Marcella and Horace who have collectively blocked social service access and speech theraphy that was recommended by the Bruyere Hospital.

It appears that Marcella Carby-Samuels is arguably a corresponding 'master of deception' remiscent of the archons.

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