Marcella Lying-Sister Sued: Lund University Shows Questionable Judgement on PhD candidate – Claim No: 15-SC-138297


Christmas is often regarded to be a time for family and friends. But one son won't be spending time with his Mother this Christmas. This is all thanks to the apparently twisted mind of one woman – Marcella Carby-Samuels who was recently picked to be a PhD candidate in sustainable development at Sweden's Lund University. The choice of graduate student often relies on a strong combination of academic merit and character. However, having reviewed this case, and Marcella's representation, it is apparent that strength in character is not what Marcella has an abundance of. Indeed, it appears that Marcella Carby-Samuels had condemned her Mother to a slow and tortuous death.

Marcella reminds me of Jian Ghomeshi who was CBC radio host of Q, and a now infamous and another apparent “fake progressive”. Like Marcella, Jian loved to project a public image of being involved in forward-thinking social causes and being an overall very nice person while having an extremely dark personal life of perpetrating abuse against others.

So apparently twisted Marcella is, that such a character in a horror movie would be hard to believe. The sick and twisted plot she spun would shock many inmates at the highest security prison who often love and cherish their Mom in spite of their often otherwise cold and hardened personalities.

When I read and researched this story, I had concluded, shocking as it sounds that Marcella has not seemed to want to get her Mom to recover from a medical condition.

The following contents are fully documented in Ottawa Small Claims Court Claim No: 15-SC-138297

Marcella Carby-Samuels in the tragedy that this case represents reveals herself as a character so consumed by her own ego and her materialistic ambition that she would both sell-out her brother and destroy her Mother.

The sweet child who was protective of her brother, father and mother alike has become a “monster”-like person filled with intrigue, violence and rage.

Where we are in this Case has been apparently masterminded by Marcella Carby-Samuels. Simply put, her apparent goal has been to get the Plaintiff “out of the way” so she could then expedite the death of the Plaintiff's Mom, and her Dad; apparently in order to seize control of parental assets into her own treasury. And here's symptoms associated with the unfolding of that plan.

Marcella at an early age had become jealous of her schoolmates for seeming to be so much more affluent than her. This motivated her to work hard. But eventually a strong work ethic morphed into an obsession to often work 14 plus hour days to accumulate as much money as she could even when she was more than financially secure.

In “looking to the future” she would eventually become more concerned about how the Plaintiff's “living arrangements” with her parents would “interfere” in her ability to secure as much financially as possible from disbursements from a parental will. Marcella also apparently became troubled that her brother living with his parents and helping them out would also postpone their death.

Indeed, statistically, elder parents who live with their kids live longer than those who do not.

That's why Marcella became so apparently angry at the holistic practicing doctor that the Plaintiff had secured for his mother in late summer 2014.

Marcella became enraged at reports during fall 2014 that the Plaintiff's Mom walking was actually improving and she was once more able to do household chores that for weeks she could not do while she had been suffering under the negligent treatment of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum who is her father-in-law.

That's when Marcella Carby-Samuels began to put her apparent plan into motion. She rushed back to Canada in December 2014 and proceeded to attack and physically threaten the Plaintiff in psychotic spates of anger associated with the additional help the the Plaintiff secured for his Mother from a doctor who has been universally endorsed by his former patients that is a far cry from the sharp criticisms online of Dr. Tenenbaum by his former patients.

Marcella then began feeding Horace Carby-Samuels – the other Defendant – with large volumes of sugar that raised his blood sugar levels for weeks while feeding the Plaintiff's Mom with harmful and neuro-system attacking ingredients.

This is not the action of a individual who has a substantive concern for the health and well-being of her parents.

When the Plaintiff had expressed concerns to Marcella about the real health threats posed by her apparent callous disregard and abandonment with respect to what she chose to feed the Plaintiff's Mother and her father, she would become enraged. At one time she threatened to spray and aerosol can at the face of the Plaintiff. Other times she would physically charge at the Plaintiff threatening to head-butt him. When the Plaintiff sought to retreat, on more than one occasion, she would then block the ability of the Plaintiff to pass.

One time she recanted a story to the Plaintiff in which she got angry at someone who had “four-way” flashed her when she was driving. She claimed to have then followed this vehicle to their house and then using “f---” words to verbally assault the driver who was responsible for “flashing” her.

Further, Marcella aggressively sought to prevent the Plaintiff from getting access to any medical records that she had obtained from her father-in-law.

It is apparent that Marcella did not want to share medical records because she did not want the Plaintiff to participate in the treatment and health of the Plaintiff's Mom who the Plaintiff sought to do everything he could for. Marcella's action is consistent with someone who had been seeking to expedite the death of the Plaintiff's Mom and eventually her father by using sugar and her callous disregard for Horace's diabetes condition as an instrument of death.

Having criticized Marcella for matters pertinent, she initiated the first call to Ottawa Police on 8 January 2015, designed to work toward getting the Plaintiff away from caring for his parents, and his Mom in particular. Having threatened the Plaintiff by pinning him against the sink she then called the Police to mischievously say that it was the Plaintiff who was causing a domestic dispute when he had been merely cooking while she was out with the Plaintiff's parents.

In police report 15-5493, Marcella Carby-Samuels would present a tissue of lies to the Ottawa Police designed to suggest that the Plaintiff was somehow a threat to his parents and ought to be removed. This was followed by subsequent police reports which were manipulated by Marcella through her father suffering from diabetes leading to the eviction by Horace Carby-Samuels against the wishes of the Plaintiff's Mom, Dezrin Carby-Samuels, who had rushed to the phone to stop Horace from mischievously calling the Ottawa Police upon the remote prompting of Marcella. Horace in his diabetic state struck / assaulted his wife who had sought to stop the mischievous act of the Defendant, Horace.

The Plaintiff's Mom who has been an RN recognized the irrational mental state of her husband and sought to convince him to reconsider his sought action.

Horace Carby-Samuels' role in this tragic affair is his apparent transformation from a level-headed academic who valued integrity into an individual who is now a mere vessel of his former self – apparently ravaged by the debilitating effects of Type 2 Diabetes that has apparently caused him to be subject to violent mood swings and irrationality that reveals itself in his psychotic Defence.

In the article titled “The Final Frontier: How Does Diabetes Affect the Brain?” Dr. Elizabeth R. Seaquist, MD, elaborates that “Patients with diabetes have been found to have several changes in brain structure that appear to develop over time and often experience conditions that present risk for subsequent cognitive dysfunction.”

Cognitive dysfunctions linked to Type 2 Diabetes apparently include mood swings, violent behaviour and overall personality changes.

Horace Carby-Samuels no longer takes any personal responsibility for his actions including the pain and suffering that he may cause others. He has become increasing irrational, delusional and paranoid thanks apparently, in part, to Type 2 Diabetes. Marcella, his daughter, and a Defendant, in the pursuit of self-aggrandizement has sought to skillfully manipulate this condition.

If empathy defines us as humans, Marcella Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels arguably lack a substantive humanity as they seek to use lies in their Defence to conceal their treachery and misdeeds.

Here's a pointed reply to their Defence: [Along with Marcella's and her father's Defence inserted into the original statement of claim]

MARCELLA'S DEFENCE 1: The Defendants argue that the alleged interference of which they are accused of is imaginary.


The Defendants' representation that the “alleged interference” is “imaginary” proves the apparent delusional and psychotic state of mind that the Plaintiff and his Mom has both been subjected to. The Defendants have used the threat of “trespassing” to systematically interfere in the ability of the Plaintiff and his Mom to see each other. When the Plaintiff has attempted to see his Mom or to find out how she is doing through relatives or other intermediaries, the Defendants' have vexatiously declared this to be “harassment” ignoring the fact that the Plaintiff and his Mom have both sought to see each other.

The Defendants have lied to the Police making allegations that the Plaintiff's Mom has vehemently denied in her own written statements that the Defendants have furthermore mischievously declared to be “forgeries”. The Defendants have systematically attempted to treat the Plaintiff as a criminal and to make specious allegations as if the Plaintiff has some kind of criminal record to merit such accusations.

MARCELLA'S DEFENCE 2: The named defendant Marcella Carby-Samuels (sister of the Plaintiff) has not been properly served with the Plaintiff's Claim as she resides in Sweden with her family and has not lived at 30 Jarlan Terrace for over 25 years.


Marcella Carby-Samuels has never completely “moved out” of Jarlan Terrace. Indeed, she has continued to maintain 30 Jarlan Terrace as her official Canadian address. She has maintained a room there, in tact, for over 20 years, and she and her husband have maintained a substantial amount of personal belongings at 30 Jarlan Terrace. Furthermore, Marcella Carby-Samuels has received official correspondence to this address which include banking correspondence.

Furthermore, she had already received and accepted a Legal Demand Letter on 10 June 2015 [Appendix 1] * at 30 Jarlan Terrace without any objections.

* Appendix in original Statement of Claim filed with the Ottawa Small Claims Court.

MARCELLA'S [and her father's] DEFENCE 3:

The defendant Horace Carby-Samuels is a retired University Professor and is the father of the Plaintiff and resides at 30 Jarlan Terrance in the City of Ottawa.


The father that the Plaintiff knew and admired was a man of integrity; was incapable of lying and defended his family. This man Horace R. Carby-Samuels who now occupies 30 Jarlan Terrace is an apparent pathological liar. What father of any repute 'bears false witness' about their son to police; kicks out their son from his home of many years in the early hours of the morning without any concern as to his well-being and then uses lies to keep his son and mother from seeing each other in his mother's greatest time of need and family support?

MARCELLA'S [and her father's] DEFENCE 4:

In contrast, with the exception of 4 years spent as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, the plaintiff has lived with his parents who now love at this address, free of room and board, for 47 years.


The Plaintiff was not the “freeloader” that the Defendants have, again, sought to vexatiously characterize. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of groceries in the house that the Plaintiff used to vigorously maintain the nutritional requirements of his Mother was bought by the Plaintiff as Horace Carby-Samuels became more lazy and caught up in junk food binges of potato chips and often sleeping over 12 hours per day, ignoring the needs of the Plaintiff's Mom.

MARCELLA'S [and her father's] DEFENCE 5:

The Defendant terminated the Plaintiff's residence at 30 Jarlan Terrace under the advice and assistance of the elder abuse unit of the City of Ottawa Police, the Plaintiff was escorted and removed from the premises in order to terminate the continuous verbal abuse and disrespect he was showing his father, and to his sister when she visited.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This is another apparent lie concocted by Marcella. Marcella's brother termination under her prompting was capriciously made in the wee hours of the morning at around 2 AM near the end of April 2015, when the Elder Abuse Unit was closed and against the wishes of the Plaintiff's Mom who is a co-owner of 30 Jarlan Terrace. This made the eviction illegal.

Marcella clandestinely hired Robert Griffin Jr., a detective of the Ottawa Police, for an apparent “side job” to illegally evict the Plaintiff,so that he would no longer be able to look after his Mom. The Plaintiff did not see his Mom until 12 June 2015. With the Plaintiff “out of the way”, the abuse and the neglect that Plaintiff's Mom suffered at the hands of the Defendants is apparent in the pictures above – one picture is what the Plaintiff's Mom looked like while he was taking care of his Mom and when she looked like after Marcella had engineered the illegal eviction of her brother.


Horace Carby-Samuels was brought up under severely abusive conditions, and inflicted abuse both against the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff's Mom. He has also passed that trait onto Marcella Carby-Samuels. Marcella Carby-Samuels has inflicted verbal / psychological abuse against her own husband to the point that he has cried. Horace Carby-Samuels and Marcella Carby-Samuels are both violent individuals “cut from the same cloth” who have conspired with each other.

Horace has often threatened to throw sharp knives at the Plaintiff while he ate with his Mom at the dining table at 30 Jarlan Terrace. Horace also has often boasted about the long machete that he keeps at his beside

Horace Carby-Samuels wanted the Plaintiff out of the house because he has sought to look after his Mother, and Horace became jealous, in relation to apparent diabetic-induced mood swings as he become correspondingly more and more neglectful of the Plaintiff's Mom.

Horace Carby-Samuels more and more levelled verbal / psychological abuse against the Plaintiff's Mom to the point that the Plaintiff's Mom once told the Plaintiff that she “was out of tears to cry”. Horace Carby-Samuels refers to any attempt by the Plaintiff to shelter his Mom from the constant bullying, verbal abuse and attacks levelled by Horace Carby-Samuels as “rude”.


The Defendant states that the Plaintiff's pattern of abuse developed because neither his father nor his sister would consent to the Plaintiff having custody of his mother, together with the right to have her terminated from normal medical practices, (by highly competent practitioners of normal medicine), in favour of his taking her to be treated by a practitioner of “holistic” medicine.


The Plaintiff's Mom would have not been in the “physically incapacitated state” identified by the Defendants in Schedule A, No 11, if Marcella's had obtained competent medical supervision for the Plaintiff's Mom. Dezrin Carby-Samuels, the Plaintiff's Mom is in the state that she is today because the “primary care physician” that Marcella Carby-Samuels foisted on her Mother was far from being “highly competent”. Marcella Carby-Samuels in an ethically questionable manner got her own father-in-law (Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum) to look after her Mother. The Plaintiff's Mom poor treatment regime was consistent with numerous online complaints about this doctor. One patient had remarked online that he did not get better until he stopped seeing Dr Tenenbaum.

The Defendants' representation that this physician was “highly competent” in patient care is both laughable and outrageous.

The Plaintiff also notes that the Plaintiff's Mom health went into a steep decline after Horace Carby-Samuels further succumbed to an apparent diabetic-induced ego-driven state of quasi-psychosis which resorted to public mischief that aimed to get the Plaintiff evicted irrespective of the desires or potentially adverse psychological effects of that decision against the Plaintiff's Mom.

It is well documented that holistic medicine has saved lives as it was saving the life and safeguarding the health of the Plaintiff's Mom before the apparent self-serving ego of Marcella Carby-Samuels nepotistically foisted her father-in-law onto the Plaintiff's Mom who has suffered from Dr. Tenenbaum's incompetence and unethical intervention against the Plaintiff's Mom well-being.


When with the cooperation of the Ottawa Police, visitation was arranged to take place at the office of a community services organization, officers at this service organization declined to participate in any other contact wit h the Plaintiff, thereby destroying the potential for executing any further contact with this Mother.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This is one of Marcella's greatest lies and shows her plan all along : “to destroy the potential for executing any further contact with this Mother.” Having investigated the matter, it is apparent that Marcella hired Robert Griffin Jr to intimidate the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre not to have relations with the Plaintiff any longer, after the Plaintiff revealed that they were ready to testify in court, if required, against Marcella and her father from having blocked them from being able to provide vitally needed social services support to the Plaintiff's Mother. When Robert Griffin Jr got wind of this he revealed this Marcella who instructed him to visit the Centre on 15 June 2015 to “convince” them not to. Robert Griffin Jr. also visited the new residence of the Plaintiff and committed assault against the Plaintiff and illegally threatened him not to contact friends or family about the activities of Marcella or he would seek to charge the Plaintiff.

Griffin also sent threatening text messages to the Plaintiff that the Plaintiff has saved; and appeared coach Ms. Alison Timmons who works at the Neapan, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre to make a false affidavit.

Notwithstanding this, we at The Canadian note that there are plenty of other locations that Marcella could have enabled access to the Plaintiff's Mom but chose not to. This included an offer by a local Ottawa Catholic Church in early July 2015 that Marcella ignored. The Plaintiff's lawyer contacted Marcella in a letter date 7 July 2015 to initiate the Offer at this alternative facility.


After the Plaintiff met with his Mother on 12 June 2015, the Defendants sought to block further access by apparently instructing Robert Griffin Jr to meet with representatives of the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre on 15 June 2015 to cease further meetings. Following this meeting, the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre issued a letter dated 15 June 2015 that the Plaintiff was not to further contact this Centre.   The Defendants' Point No. 7 is propaganda.

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