Marcella Carby-Samuels: Lund University PhD Candidate Prevents Brother Being with Disabled Mom


This world can never be rid of evil as some people are just born with evil in their DNA. It is one thing to come across evil being shown by someone towards a total stranger and a whole different thing when the deed is being done to a relative. This is precisely what has been done to a mother and her beloved son by no other people than her own husband and daughter. The daughter, a Human Ecology PhD candidate at Lund University, has blatantly done everything possible to see to it that the efforts of her blood brother to help their mother from being constantly abused by their father comes to nothing.

In an era where education is seen by all and sundry as having a positive effect on the life of an individual, this daughter, by name Marcella Carby-Samuels, has been able to prove the complete opposite of this notion as even with her pursuance of a PhD, she still does not have that component which differentiates humans from beasts. Instead of joining forces with the brother to help prevent the father from continually abusing their mother, she has rather decided to put common sense and love for human life somewhere by fully supporting her abusive father. The daughter and her father - named Horace Carby-Samuels, have gone to extreme lengths just to see to it that the brother does not get the needed support for their mom even to the extent of getting a corrupt police officer and an incompetent medical practitioner to collaborate their lies. These are the very same officials that people are advised to call upon when in times of need and support. That is the irony of life.

It is common knowledge that social services and the security forces are mainly there to ensure that every life is protected. However, when the responsibility of taking care of fish is given to the cat, the outcome can be predicted by anyone. Some corrupt officials at the social services and the police have also been siding with the daughter and her father to make sure that the mother receives no support from anywhere.

The final act that took the wickedness of daughter and father to a new height is that they have, with the help of those corrupt officials, been able to twist the facts and in so doing ‘legally’ prevent the son from seeing his mother. As from June this year, the son has not been allowed to even visit the mom.

Tales of strong enmity between parents and children have been told over and over again and they really do make for good reading with most of them being very fictitious but this is no such tale at all as it is a real life story which is currently unfolding in Canada of all places. With so many campaigns being carried out to ensure that the rights of all living things are safeguarded, it is very surprising to know that there are still people who really do not value human life at all and will stop at nothing in the quest to achieve their selfish desires. The son, Raymond Samuels II, is now standing between the devil and the deep blue raging sea as he tries all that he can to turn the tide in favour of his mother’s life over every other thing.

In the midst of all these things, Raymond has decided to fight for the good cause in continuing to seek for help for her poor mother. The time is now for people to prove that there is still that love for human life which has kept the human race from extinction by massively supporting Raymond and her mother, Dezrin to get a professional lawyer who will help them win this attempt to end a life.

Contact email to make a donation in support of social justice for Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

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