Marcella Lying-Sister: Lund University PhD Candidate Hires Cop to Pursue Illegal Activities against Mom and Brother


“When an elderly person dies in the community, a whole library burns down with him or her” is a popular saying in Africa but that has been contrasted by recent happenings between a daughter and her father on one side and a son and the mother on another side. If care is not taking, a time will come when the elderly in society will feel very scared of living and even the mere thought of getting old will become a nightmare for all people. In a society where women are seen as being more caring and loving, it is quite unbelievable to know that a daughter, and for that matter a woman, has been able to subject her own mother and brother to a very painful life on earth. Well, this act of injustice will be very hard to commit for a lot of people but that hasn’t been the case with Marcella Carby-Samuels, a Lund University PhD Candidate who also happens to be the daughter of Dezrin – the mother at the receiving end of all this wickedness.

Something that started as a small family issue that could be settled easily with little effort has escalated into something very sinister and scary with the mother’s life at stake. It all started when Marcella left home to live in another country, leaving her mom, brother and father at home. Daily abuses of the mother by their father led to the son Raymond Samuels II trying everything possible to get the mother all the care and support that she needs. To Raymond’s surprise, her sister just switched on her demonic personality and joined their father in slowly and agonisingly killing their mom.

Family feuds are very common occurrences but none of them has seen a daughter going to the extent of hiring someone to help them with the dirty acts. That is how far Marcella was willing to go by hiring a Cop named Robert Griffin Jr, who works with the Ottawa Police Department, to intimidate people who have decided to help her mother gain some freedom and the much needed medical attention that she required. The illegal activities of Robert came to light when Raymond learnt that the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre had changed their mind on assisting him to get support and justice for his mom barely three days after the same institution assured him of their total support for him.

No institution can boast of being the perfect institution but when the life of a human being is concerned, common sense should take precedence over egoistic stupidity. Sadly enough, Robert who was hired by Marcella threw all caution to the wind and threatened the Centre until they caved in to the selfish demands of the daughter.

When there is love, one is always ready and willing to sacrifice everything just to make sure that the loved one is safe and secured. This is exactly what Raymond has been doing, sacrificing his all in a bid to ensure that his mom gets supported.

Even among the animals, a mother does not turn on her little ones neither does the little ones turn on their mother and so when something of this nature is allowed to go on for a very long time among humans then it is right to say that there are some irregularities with the system. All hands are therefore needed on deck in order to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are made to account for their evil deeds in order to let people know that the system still cares for every single life.

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