UN Scandal Erupts: Marcella Carby-Samuels Oppresses Voiceless Elderly Mom


The fact that the United Nations has been one of the vibrant organizations that fights for the rights of people is not a new thing. This is an organization that has since its establishment fought for people especially children and the elderly in societies to be accorded some degree of freedom and protection. Through the various humanitarian activities of the United Nations, billions of people who were once oppressed are now free. It is therefore very surprising and equally scandalous to find out that a PhD candidate who some time ago worked in the capacity as a UN consultant has been the brain behind all the maltreatments and total neglect of an elderly woman.

The case of Dezrin Carby-Samuels being oppressed by her own daughter, Marcella Carby-Samuels and her husband, Horace is one that has rocked the very core foundations of human nature and raised questions about how wicked can a person be all in a bid to satisfy his or her ego. Even if education wasn’t enough to bring the desired change in Marcella, at least having worked with a humanitarian organization as notable as the UN should have instilled in her some love for humans. However, she has thrown the very things that the UN preaches and practices away and resorted to carrying out her evil deeds together with her father.

For quite some time now, the main wish of Dezrin has been to be reconciled with her own son, Raymond. However this simple request by her has been vehemently denied by daughter and husband. This elderly woman who health has deteriorated drastically had sought to find some love and affection from her son who has been the pillar holding her life together but that wish was never respected by Marcella and Horace.

The distinguishing feature between humans and the wildest of animals is that humans have some degree of decency when human life is involved. What makes this case a big scandal is that Marcella is a human, has also worked at the biggest humanitarian organization in the world and is now even pursuing her PhD. With all these attributes, it is completely unfathomable to realise that she has been one of the architects of her mother’s declining health condition. The attitude and behaviour of Marcella therefore is a smack in the face of the United Nations as she has totally trampled on the very core values that the organization cherishes.

If a daughter can commit such atrocities against her own mother then the survival of the human race is at risk unless something is done and very fast.

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