Alien Race Pursues Hostile Agenda Through UN Consultant Marcella Lying-sister?


Is it possible that an unknown alien race may be pursuing a hostile enslavement agenda against humankind?  It appears that activities associated with Marcella Carby-Samuels, who has been working as a UN consultant, and who is currently pursuing a PhD studies at Lund University in Sweden, may illuminate activities associated with an alien race that is operating on our planet through apparent human hosts or vessels.  Marcella's activities associated with her brutal denial of rights and oppression of a now sick and elderly Mom whose name is Dezrin suggest that a hostile alien race may have embedded itself within strategic centres of power in Ottawa, Canada specifically, and our planet Earth in general.  These include certain positions within police forces, the judiciary, the legal profession and the mass-media. By infiltrating these organizations, it appears that an unknown alien race may be currently operating on our planet Earth, and seeking to conceal its presence and its activities by appearing to be human.  

Marcella appears to be exerting some kind of bizarre control over Horace, her “father”, who reported being in contact with 'alien beings' that sent him on life-long mission following an “out-of-body Near Death Experience ”.  It appears that Marcella has been “tapping” into that matrix of mind control, and has sought to use Horace to subject Dezrin to forcible confinement, psychological torture, abuse and neglect in Marcella's absence during her “studies” in Sweden.  

Horace revealed to Raymond that these entities are demanding of him that he seek to help make humans members of a “Bio-Electrical Union”.  When Horace described it, the “Union” had no regard for empathy and appeared to resemble the hideous “Borg” artificial intelligence construct in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek science fiction series that sought to “assimilate” humans  and other beings in this science fiction character's sought “Union”.  It is notable that Roddenberry too was reportedly in contact alien entities and that the portrayal of characters on his show may not have been entirely contrived or fictional.

Mounting evidence suggests that Dezrin may be an ongoing victim of the activities of an alien race and that affirming her human and civil rights may critically rely on the efforts of humans to liberate her from apparent alien captives that act not unlike the regressicve alien characters portrayed in John Carpenter's “They Live” (1988) that showed how aliens operated as human appaearing vessels among the “rch and powerful” (video clip below).

Dezrin has been subject to apparent oppression and repression under the substantive control of “Marcella” since the end of April 2015 that has resulted in Dezrin's substantive decline in health.  Thanks to the activities of Marcella, Dezrin who used to be a hard working “superwoman” of a Mother can no longer walk, talk or write.  Dezrin has been rendered to be in a fragile state of health as a result of the months of abuse and neglect that she has endured at the hands of her so-called “daughter”.  

Raymond told The Canadian, that we would witness Marcella go from “normal” to psychotic mad within seconds and then when mad, her eyes would bulge out of her head and she would also tremble and shake as if she was having difficulty maintaining her human physical form.  David Icke once commented that when such entitles who smile, unlike humans, “their eyes would not smile back” betraying their lack of a human soul.

Raymond's (Dezrin's son) efforts to re-affirm the care-giving of his Mom from these conditions appear to have been frustrated by a network of human-appearing vessels working in strategic positions that all seem to mysteriously report to “Marcella”.  Raymond reports to The Canadian that the Marcella Carby-Samuels who grew up as his sister and the son of Dezrin, and the person who now refers to herself as “Marcella Carby-Samuels” do not appear to be the same “beings”.   The aggressive way in which Marcella has fought against the efforts of Raymond to reverse Dezrin's “mysterious” medical condition suggest Dezrin's illness may have had an alien connection.

It was Dr Michael Salla who once indicated that aliens appear to be “hiding truth in plain sight” from human TV viewers through diverse science fiction programmes on TV or the “Big Screen”.  If that's the case, two such TV shows that have has been cancelled by both U.S networks seem to have interesting parallels with activities associated with Marcella Carby-Samuels.  Anna was a human female-appearing and highly manipulate reptilian alien in ABC's former TV series called “V” that stood for “The Visitors”.

Sophia” was another human appearing leader in NBC's former TV science fiction series called “The Event”.  Both entities were leaders of an “expedition force” of other human appearing aliens embedded in human organizations to manipulate human organizations into perpetuating the concealing of their nefarious activities with the overall goal to colonize our planet Earth and destroy the existing human population.  In the case of the character Anna, she subjected unsuspecting humans to medical experiments in the guise of “medical procedures” designed to “help” the humans.

The character “Anna” also devised a clever test she could use to evaluate whether her alien minion were “contaminated” by humans.  “Anna” called it the “Empathy Test”, recognizing that empathy is a vital and axiomatic to who we are as humans.  Such a test would also ring true for illuminating the alien presence on or planet Earth.  People who appear to be humans but are void of empathy are either alien-controlled “apparent humans” or aliens in human guise, i.e. artificial intelligence or 'artificial people'.  John Lash documents that in human history the ancient Pagan Gnostics came across these entities seeking to infiltrate our human time-space through Archons.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics apparent referred entities as 'artificial man'.

Could Marcella Carby-Samuels be connected with the 'artificial man' phenomenon?  No bona fide human could be subjecting their own Mom to the kind of intrigue backed by lies that Marcella has used.  Why would any daughter who is actually human prevent the care-giving of her brother for his Mom?  Could artificial man be seeking to take advantage of our human ignorance of such entities?

Any time Raymond has come close to re-uniting with his Mom, Marcella has also shown the kind of connections within police forces, the judiciary and other strategic bureaucracies which would be the envy of most politicians, and could not be possessed by any simple PhD student that she claims to be.

“Near Death Experiences” is a phenomenon that has been linked to alien abduction.  Horace who appears to be operating under the control of Marcella has also reported to have been ranting about demons, and has acted in a manner than is consistent with having been subjected to alien control through his dream states. 

Horace's eye now betrays someone who can been put into some kind of quasi-hypnosis.  Somehow Marcella appears to have been linked to the alien phenomena described by Horace, as Marcella continues to subject Dezrin to the denial of fundamental human rights and freedoms under verifiable lies. 

Could Marcella and her apparent minions be part of a plan to subject humanity to the “Bio-Electric Union” agenda revealed by Marcella?  Is Dezrin being subjected to some kind of alien experiments?  Marcella's non-empathetic behaviour is consistent with influence or control by an artificial intelligence that is consistent with the same entities that have apparently sought to control Horace by placing on a “mission”.  Could part of Marcella's mission include destroying Dezrin, and keeping Raymond away who has sought to save his Mom? 

Raymond has established a Legal Fund, and our readers are welcome consider making donations in support of this fund. Email: if you seek to make a donation in support of re-affirming Raymond's care-giving of his Mom.  Help make a difference!

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