UN Scandal: Marcella Carby-Samuels Presents Lies to Ottawa Court


UN employees and consultants aregenerally expected to have unimpeachable reputations, but one oftheir consultants, Marcella Carby-Samuels, has demonstrated evidencethat she is a pathological liar in her testimony related to Claim No:15-SC-138297 presented an Ontario Court in Ottawa. Has Marcella Carby-Samuels become a compulsive or pathological liar in her efforts to subvert her own Mom's and brother's rights?You be the judge!

This is not my address”

Carby-Samuels claims that JarlanTerrace, the address at which she appaently receives mail from active Canadian bankaccounts, and where much of her belongings are kept, is not heraddress and that she was not served properly in the claim by herbrother, Raymond. In her objection, she insisted that Jarlan Terracehad not been her address for 20 years or more. Yet, when required tostate her address in a subsequent motion, she gave her address asJarlan terrace.

To the most impartial observer, thiswould seem remarkable. The address which she claims is ‘not hers’,suddenly becomes her address. Logically, she is either lying aboutJaraln Terrace being her address or lying about it not being heraddress. Which is true? Her bank would certainly assert that JarlanTerrace is, indeed, her address.

He is not a lawyer”

In further objections, Ms.Carby-Samuels stated that Mr. Ji, her brother’s lawyer, was “onlya law student” and not a fully practicing lawyer. However, the LawSociety of Upper Canada confirms that Mr. Ji has been a practicinglawyer since 2014. One is inclined to wonder what the next lie to bepresented to the court will be.

This is not my mother”?

Although Ms. Carby-Samuels has not madethis particular claim, the background to the case which is beingheard by the Ontario court in Ottawa is deeply shocking.Carby-Samuels’ brother is bringing the claim against her owing toher complicity in the neglect of their elderly mother. This situationhas led to a rapid decline her physical health, to the point whereshe is no longer to communicate or walk.

Carby-Samuels’ brother had previouslybeen caring for their mother, but she has supported her father in hisdetermined efforts to ensure that mother and son should not haveaccess to one another. Social workers have confirmed that the elderlyMrs. Carby-Samuels had expressed the wish to have access to her son.But as an invalid, she is unable to leave the family home from whichher son has been barred through a conspiracy between MarcellaCarby-Samuels and her father. Subsequent to this action, neglect andmistreatment have led to Mrs. Carby-Samuels’ decline.

You can help!

Marcella has professed to haveprogressive values that are contradicted by her brutal oppression ofher own mother’s rights. It is time to take action against thispathological liar! The Canadian has created a Legal Defence Fund tosupport the rights of the elderly victim of this case’s right tohave access to her son. Contact ottawa@agorapublishing.com to make adonation.

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