Adolf Hitler's Standard: Lund University PhD Candidate Marcella Lying-Sister Bests Global Dictators


Are you tired of AdolfHitler being widely regarded as the standard of evil?Do you seeksome kind of role model to inspire your quest? There's one PhDcandidate who might inspire your quest – Marcella Carby-Samuels. Indeed, Adolf Hitler committed terrible atrocities but had been stillapparently close to his Mother.According to Wikipedia, AdolfHitler, “who had a close relationship with his mother, wasdevastated by her death and carried the grief for the rest of his life. Dr Eduard Bloch (The Hitlers' familydoctor) later recalled that "In all my career, I have never seenanyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler." In hisautobiography MeinKampf, Hitler wrote that he had"...honoured my father, but loved my mother." Therefore,any act that might have sought to torture one's own mother would notbe an act that would be easily contemplated by Adolf Hitler or muchof the worst global dictators and criminals that have graced thisplanet.

If you can be likeMarcella Carby-Samuels who has been able to subject her Mom toapparent profound psychological and other torture to the point ofworsening sickness and destruction while maintaining a smile on yourface the whole time, you know that you have reached a league on yourown in the realm of psychopaths.Marcella's Mom whose name is Dezrinhas been the most loving, sweetest and hard-working Mom and overallrole model of a human being that anyone could ever ask to have. So,here's what you do if you're in a quest for family fortunes, if youseek to be a “fine daughter” and overall “role model” humanbeing like Marcella.

To start things off, ifyour father is diabetic, with very volatile blood sugar levels, feedhim more sugar!Try to give him those cakes with the industrialsweet and one centimetre thick glucose-fructose icing, as you strokehis ego about how great he is so that your actual agenda is far fromhis mind.

Then if you have afather-in-law who happens to be an incompetent doctor who has been asource of many patient complaints, get him to look after your Mom toexpedite your quest for the family estate.

The next step is, if youhappen to have a brother who will “dilute” your share of theFamily Estate, try to get him put in jail by simply making up allkinds of nasty lies about him to the police.Try to criminalize himat all costs.If your brother happens to be a young black male thathas been racially profiled by the police, good for you!It will makeyour dastardly plan all the more convincing.Make up Big Lies likeyour brother is an Islamic terrorist plotting Armageddon orsomething.Indeed, Hitler used the technique of the Big Lie toconcoct the myth of the Jewish conspiracy and the need to wipe offJews from the face of the Planet.The Big Lie is based upon thenotion that if you tell a lie that's fantastic enough, no one wouldbelieve that you were so diabolical, mischievous and twisted enoughas to have made up the whole thing.

If your brother tries tospare your Mom from your plan by seeking to bring her food and gether access to medical attention, again, just make up a story to thepolice that he's actually trying to “kidnap” your Mother.Eventhrough your brother has no criminal record, the racists in thepolice will believe your Big Lie!A sweet smiling person like youcould never make up a story like that... right?

If social service agentsseek to get medical attention to your Mom while you're abroad, if youwant to be like Marcella, you should block them! If your father isabusing or neglecting your Mom, turn a blind eye to the abuse andneglect. Continue to stroke your father's ego, so he can be used tocarry out your plan against your own Mom.

If social service agentsare about to foil your plan by revealing your involvement in seekingto condemn your Mom to a slow death, as your brother seeks to saveyour Mom from losing her voice, and you're in Ottawa, dial the“Hire-A-Dirty-Cop” phone line that is apparently coordinated by aRobert.

Robert in the OttawaPolice will cater to your needs to intimidate the social serviceagents not to reveal your plan while also assaulting your brother inan effort to prevent him from trying to see his own Mom.For goodmeasure, get a dirty cop like Robert to illegally threaten to chargeyour brother with trespassing in your brother's efforts to see hisown Mom who wants to see her own son.

Allow your Mom to lose hervoice, and her ability to write and walk under conditions of abuseand neglect by her husband that you condone.Turn your Mom from avery able bodied super human being and if she gets sick, isolate herso she will decline, and deny her from speech therapy or other helpthat she needs.Then use a dirty cop like Robert to prevent anyonefrom trying to help your Mom as she becomes more and more “severelyphysically incapacitated” in the word of a paralegal like Trevor J.

If you are capable offollowing in Marcella's footsteps, you arguably could “have what ittakes” to become the demon to surpass even the evil that Hitlerpresented our World that lead to millions and millions of needlesslydestroyed lives during the Jewish Holocaust and World War II. Whatkind of daughter inflicts such harm against their Mom with a smilingface, and then resorts to the most fantastic lies imaginable in aneffort to conceal their Crimes Against Humanity.Indeed, words canbarely describe the kind of person that Marcella represents, andarguably, the kind of threat such a mind presents to the world thatcould commit such an apparent twisted crime against humanity ontotheir own Mom that would likely have shocked the likes of AdolfHitler.Marcella appears to represent the quintessentialpsychopathic persona that had been described in CBC's Doc Zone (videoclip above) that possesses a calculating ego-driven intelligence thatseeks to manipulate others without regard to empathy that is a vitalpart of who we are as human beings.

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