Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre: Caught on Video


Social service workers are employed to help citizens and provide them a support and care when abused or mistreated. That wasn’t the case in the following story about a neglected elderly woman that occurred in Ottawa, Canada.

Dezrin was craving for help when she wrote down “Dad abuses me” to her son. The son took this seriously and contacted The Nepean, Rideau & Osgoode Community Resource Centre in order to help his mother with her violent husband.  Thanks to this Resource Centre, Dezrin continued to be subjected to neglect and abuse by her husband.

In one incident, the abusive husband attacked the son with the knife who suffered severe injuries. Ms. Timmons completely neglected that fact and in that way, she failed to protect the helpless disabled lady.  Has this Resource Centre been responsible for a  death sentence?  The story isn’t over here; Ms. Timmons actually caught lying on the phone during a conversation with the Dezrin’s son on a video that has been airing on YouTube.

Ms Timmons had made it very clearin the video that no advocates will be allowed at the already arranged meeting.  The non-ethical social worker would later deny her having blocked Dezrin obtaining legal defence in a signed an affidavit (verification under oath) that The Nepean, Rideau & Osgoode Community Resource Centre didn’t prevent a lawyer to attend the meeting.

It is disgraceful how Ms. Timmons managed the whole situation and her negligence, lack of moral and ethics is evident. Even though this Resource Centre and police have shockingly sided with the abusive husband are against him, Dezrin’s son is still persistent in his decision to fight for his mother’s constitutional rights and he will not rest before he facilitates the affirmation of his Mom's inviolable rights. The elderly and disabled woman should be protected, but the uninterested social service agency had left her unprotected.

This is not the first time social services have neglected similar cases. The discrimination and the lack of moral are regular in the system and when that happens, people are suffering. Old and disabled people have the same rights like anyone else and the handling of this problem is simply disgraceful. A person with a disability is a person with their rights.

People with disabilities can participate equally in society if we remove the physical and attitudinal barriers. Ageism (discrimination against old people), in addition to racism and sexism, is the most widespread and most brutal form of discrimination in our society. Most seniors are rightly wondering why someone who spent his life creating and working, when it came time to reap the fruits of their labour, is stigmatized just because of their age?

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