Ottawa: Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre Lies -- Supports Abusive Husband


In Claim No 15-SC-136111 Alison Timmons presents an Affidavit that she never interfered with the ability of the son of an eldery and disabled woman to secure a lawyer for his Mom.  However, if one watches and listens to the above video, it is apparent that Ms. Timmons who represents the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre and with the support the resource centre's lawyer commited perjury.  

The son had reported abuse being inflicted by his Mom's husband against his Mom.  His Mom's husband responded by frustrating the ability of her son see his own Mom.  Under pressure by agents acting in behalf of the Mom's husband, the Centre elected to support the Mom's husband against the desire of the Mom to see her own son!  The Centre has been involved in a pattern of apparent lying and this video exemplifies how Alison Timmons and her agents have knocked women's rights back to a time just over a century ago when women were treated a chattel property of the husband.  This is a practice that still goes on in many countries.

Dezrin cannot walk on her own or talk thanks to the negligence of this Centre.  And Dezrin's husband has sought to treat her as "his property".  The son who was evicted by Horace, Dezrin's apparently jealous husband prevents Dezrin's son from visiting her under a tresspassing threat by Police, and has denied Dezrin's human right to see her own son.

The Ottawa Police has sought to ignore Dezrin's human rights and Ms Alison Timmons has sought to lie to deny Dezrin access to a lawyer.  Ms. Timmons who has apparently sided with Horace has betrayed women everywhere.  Dezrin wrote down that she has been abused, and Ms Timons has essentially left Dezrin to be forcibly confined in a home where she has been substantively neglected.  The son reported that when he saw his Mom, it was very apparent that his Mom's personal hygeine needs were not being met.  Dezrin has been described be her son as a very kind, loving and hard working and super hygenic person suffering under the super-control that is being excerted by Horace.

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