Ottawa Police Start Hire-A-Dirty-Cop Service for Abusive Husbands?


Are you a husband who has been sadistically abusing your disabled wife? Do you have a son who has been observing your abuse and neglect of his Mom? Are you upset that while you're neglecting your wife and as you become consumed by another episode of Storage Wars on TV your son cooks for your wife? Well, the Ottawa Police may just have the kind of service you're looking for.

Hire-A-Dirty cop and he or she will take care of everything. No need ever to hire a lawyer and face the uncertainty of a judge. Hire-A-Dirty Cop will take care of that for you. The first thing this service will do is to forbid your son from coming onto your property to cook for his disabled Mom, and for that matter, to do anything else for her. Through Hire-Dirty Cop, the Ottawa Police will declare your disabled wife your property. Your wife will be totally at your mercy. Hire-A-Dirty Cop will ensure that your wife needs and desires will be subordinated to your own.

Through Hire-A-Dirty Cop service you can ignore the pleas of your wife to see her son and any of her friends and other family for that matter. You can take solace that the Dirty Cop will recognize your wife as your lawful property. There's no need to worry about your son or anyone else feeding her by obtaining the service of a Dirty Cop.

If your son tries to see his Mom, the Dirty Copy will send your son telephone messages and invasive text messages just like the cop in the above video. If that doesn't work, the Dirty Cop on his free time will then stalk your son including banging on his door at all hours of the night just like the cop in the above video.

Are you concerned about witnesses? No problem. The Dirty Cop will gladly visit any social services agents a bit like the cop in the above video or neighbours to threaten them into silence so you can continue to abuse your wife as an extension of your property.

Hire-A-Dirty Cop will seek to manipulate neighbours, social service agents and your son, to make sure they don't act as witnesses to the fact that you're depriving your wife of access to healthcare services while you prevent your wife from ever seeing your son again or anyone else that you haven't approved.

Hire-A-Cop doesn't recognize women's rights; the rights of disabled people; the rights of the elderly or human rights for that manner. You will not be inconvenienced by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or any other laws designed to affirm the rights of disabled people specifically and Canadians in general.

A Dirty Cop who might have a voice like the one depicted in the above video will be at your service to ensure that you can watch as many episodes of Storage Wars as you like without having to be upset of your wife bring fed or assisted with various healthcare needs that you don't want to provide.

The new laws on “fighting terrorism” that ignores Canadian Constitutional law will surely help support police forces across Canada that seek to establish their own Nazi-like Police Gestapo to target citizens who seek to inconvenience the rich and the powerful who and correspondingly abusing the rights of other Canadians.

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