Toronto to Victoria: Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s Record of Apparent Medical Malpractices

If a medical doctor with a track record of constantly having issues with his patients and abusing them is allowed to still keep on practicing, then a lot of questions need to be asked of the institutions that have been put in place to control such people.

Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has needlessly presided over the complete deteriorating health condition of Dezrin’s Carby-Samuels through negligence and apparent callous disregard of basic patient care. Previously, this same doctor had been negatively reviewed by a greater number of his patients as being very rude, having a lack of empathy for the plight of his patients.  This includes making rude comments to patients even in public and also having little regard for patient’s previous medical records.

Dezrin, once an extremely energetic albeit elderly woman has now been rendered completely physically incapacitated as she can no longer do anything on her own including even walking or talking. The baffling aspect of Dezrin’s case is that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum simply broke countless number of medical rules and regulations relating to the code of ethics of medical doctors and surgeons.

When a doctor decides to ignore the various professional advice from Dezrin’s previous healthcare providers and go ahead to administer nasal spraying on her even though she was allergic to such drugs goes beyond understanding and can never be put down a simple medical malpractice. Any kind of medical malpractice that completely brings about the deterioration of a patient’s condition should never ever be taken lightly. This is sadly just the situation right now as a lot of people in high places have simply decided to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the numerous cases of patient abuse reported against Dr Jerry Tenenbaum.

The long term effects of allowing such apparent medical malpractices like that of Dr Jerry Tenenbaum to go unchecked will always be very dire to patients and the country as a whole.

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